3 Steps to Building a Travel Memory Book You and Your Friends Will Love

Travel Challenge Book - Europe - Travel Memories

Travel Challenge Book - Europe - Travel Memories

When we travel, we usually take a ton of pictures that we later don’t even look at. Do you know the situation when you’re scrolling through your photos on your phone, and you find fifty versions of the same image? It’s because you believe you will go through them later and find the best one, but it never happens.

Do you think it might be better to have a couple of pictures printed rather than having thousands on your computer?

Especially now, when most of us can’t travel, it’s a good time to create a personal travel memory book that you can open every time and relive your best travel moments. You don’t need to be a scrapbook pro or a super creative person to make a beautiful memory book with your travel photos.

With your Travel Challenge Book, you can get inspired and fill in all the blank pages with your travel memories that you can share with your friends and family in three simple steps.

1. Choose your favorite photos and print them at home

Even if you have many travel pictures on your phone or computer, try to choose the ones you like the most. They don’t need to be perfect, but they need to be the most significant ones that will remind you of a beautiful moment or a special occasion you experienced.

These are pictures that can connect you immediately with a specific story. It’s up to you how you want to organize and tape photos into the book.

In the Travel Challenge Book you have at least one blank page per country, and every country has at least six popular travel bucket list destinations. So, here some tips on how to find the best way to keep your travel memories:

  • Choose one best photo for each location

    This way, you’ll save space if you want to travel to all the places in the book. With this approach, you can have one great shot for every bucket list location in the book. It’s a travel challenge to visit all the destinations, so if you make it, share it with us on Instagram! 😉

  • Choose 2-3 photos from places you visited

    If you don’t plan on traveling to all of the featured places within each country, choose 2-3 pictures from each site you visited and stick them on the empty pages.

  • Choose 5-10 great pictures from one location

    Sometimes there is just one place in a specific country we want to visit, and we don’t plan to travel to the country again. If this is the case, choose a couple of nice pictures from your favorite destination and tape them into the book.

Travel Challenge Book - Europe - Travel Memories - Summer in Prague

Travel Challenge Book - Europe - Travel Memories - Summer in Prague

How do you print great quality pictures at home?

If you want to have different sizes of pictures you want to print and stick to your travel book, there is a superb little printer that you can even travel with. Canon Selphy is a wireless compact photo printer that produces excellent quality pictures. Check it out if you want to print during your trip or easily from home. Once your photos are printed, you might also need a paper trimmer to cut them to the shape you want.

2. Use travel stickers, paper die cuts, and washi tapes

As you can see in the picture above, travel die cuts are a great fit if you want to create a personal travel memory book. You can also use customized travel stickers and washi tapes and decorate your book the way you like the most. So, let’s be a bit creative and keep your memories alive!

3. Write down notes from your travel adventures

If taking photos is not your strength, you can always write down the most important moments you experienced on your journeys. Whether it’s a long article on the whole blank page in the book or a few notes from every destination you’ve traveled to, those memories will stay with you forever.

Once you have your blank pages in the Travel Challenge Book filled with photos, don’t forget to share your creation with us on Instagram and inspire others! 😊

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