Travel Challenge Book: Europe

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List Book for Every Travel Lover

Are you tired of travel journals with empty pages? Would you rather like to have a bucket list book so that you can be sure you visit the most popular travel destinations in Europe at least once in your life?

This is the best book for travel lovers with more than 400 destinations to check off your travel bucket list. Don't miss anything! The Travel Challenge Book: Europe will help you plan future adventures and keep track of your past trips.

If you want to get inspired by the most popular travel destinations in Europe and have your own bucket list book and travel memory book in one, it’s time to get your Travel Challenge Book.

What can you find inside the book?

Top places in Europe you must visit

Every passionate traveler dreams about visiting all the most popular places in Europe. Here you’ll find the top 40 destinations that you’ll want to check off your travel bucket list. Stop dreaming and start exploring!

European coloring map

Be creative and color in all the countries you’ve visited. This will give you a great overview of which countries are still on your bucket list so you can plan your next trip. The coloring map is waiting for you!

List of all 44 European countries

You’ll find every European country in the Travel Challenge Book. Go through the list and check off the ones you’ve already visited. You can also note the date you first traveled to each country.

Bucket list for every country

Throughout the book you can find little white circles for all the beautiful sights and destinations within each country. Check them off as you visit each place. It’s a lot to do. :)

Interesting facts about each country

You probably don’t know everything about every country you’ve traveled to, right? Well, in the Travel Challenge Book, you can learn some interesting facts about every single country in Europe. Cool, no?

Space for your own notes and photos

Use these empty pages to make the Travel Challenge Book your personal travel memory book. You can write down notes from your journeys or attach photos if you like. Keep your memories forever!

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