Create a Map of States You’ve Visited and Boost Your Creativity


Many of us dream about traveling the world, and we count all the states we've visited. A passionate traveler is usually a great manager who loves planning, setting goals, and accomplishing them. It sounds busy, but it can be great fun once you have the right travel map to track your destinations.

There are many kinds of maps you can get on the market nowadays. From world posters to scratch maps, coloring maps, wood maps, pin maps, or even customized Google maps. You can also download many apps that enable your personal recording. It's up to you if you prefer a physical or a digital form to memorize your travel adventures, but some travel maps have more features than others.

Did you know that coloring maps are a great tool to keep track of places you've been and improve your creativity at the same time?

You don’t need to be a creative traveler with an imagination, but you'll still love them. When we were kids, coloring was one of our favorite hobbies that entertained us the whole time. Unfortunately, many of us gave up on this activity even if it has so many essential benefits for our busy lifestyle.

Using a coloring map for tracking the states you've traveled will help you to:

  • Clear your mind, improve focus and patience

  • Release stress and relax

  • Boost your creativity and imagination

  • Enhance your knowledge about geography

You have many options on how to create your personal coloring map. Here are some of them that may inspire you:

Get a printable blank map to download online

The easiest one is downloading a blank map online as a pdf, printing at home, and you can start creating immediately. There many templates for free. It’s not only easy but if you have a printer at home, it’s fast as well. The only disadvantage can be the quality of the print and the paper.

Get a personalized coloring map poster

You can also find some personalized map poster pages in online stores like Etsy. Just choose the one you like the most and let the prints to be delivered to your home. The paper's quality will probably be much better when you order a customized map poster than when you print at home. You might also like journal inserts that you can easily attach to your travel journal.

Get an interactive travel book, including a coloring map

One of the better alternatives is an interactive travel book where the coloring map is included as one of the pages already. It's something many travelers are excited about. This way, you have all the travel memories in one place. Travel Challenge Book is the best book for travelers looking for this feature. The only thing you'll need is to get colored pencils, and you can start making your personal, colorful travel map immediately.


By creating a map of states you've visited, you are not only enjoying the benefits of coloring like boosting your creativity, but you also learn a bit about geography.

When you’re coloring all the countries you’ve visited, try to accomplish a little quiz. Think about the capitals and the sights you've seen and find them on the blank map. It's a creative way to learn and have fun at the same time. Who knows, maybe the next time when you travel, you can leave your phone with navigation at home. 😉 It’s a travel challenge!

Whether you're traveling alone, with your friend, partner, or family, you'll always remember your unforgettable adventures when you look at your coloring map and the places you've been. It will bring a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

So, express your imagination, let your creativity shine, and make your travel maps more personal!

I wish you a lot of fun with a blank map and colored pencils.


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