The Top 10 Hotels in Prague for Wealthy Travelers

If you’re looking for a charming hotel with exceptional services at a nice location in Prague, keep reading.

My name is Eva, I’m the author of the Travel Challenge Book and a passionate traveler. Currently I’m based in Prague, and I will take you through the best hotel options this city has to offer. I’m a Czech citizen, but I spent the last ten years living abroad. I moved to Prague at the beginning of 2021 with my husband and we both love the city very much. Except of my work in finance, I truly enjoy planning, organizing trips, and creating travel itineraries.

When my husbands family was visiting from the USA in December 2021 I created their 10 day travel itinerary including some cool places to stay in Prague. They’ve never been in the Czech Republic before, so I wanted them to get a full experience of this beautiful city.

I enjoyed researching on hotels and top places to visit so much that I decided to put together a list of the best hotels in Prague for the high demanding travelers who don’t need to travel low budget and share it with you, because I think that you should get the best experience when you come (not only) for the first time to Czechia.

So, let’s look at the places together and I’d be happy to hear from you what you think.